Tuesdays with Salad

Hi again,

I hope you enjoyed my earlier WWC  (Work Week Cocktail) recap.  We’re keeping track of these adventures under the “Salads & Spirits Summer 2010” page. Check it out.

Today’s eats have been pretty simple thus far:

That would be a fresh Mozzarella and Herb Omelette (Herbs: Basil, Scallion & Dill. Plus S+P).

I also had an iced coffee with light cream while walking back from the auto mechanic. The Saladmobile is in need of some brake lovin’ so I had to take her in this morning after my run (3.50 miles around the river).

The warm weather today had me keeping lunch simple and refreshing

  • Asian Salad: Red Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Carrots & Scallions mixed in the Summer Roll Marinade with 1/2 avocado.

  • Carrot sticks with S+P and few shakes of dill (didn’t dig in to these yet)


  • Fizzy sustenance

I kept things on the lighter side because I knew I was going out for this:

  • Pistachio Gelato

A co-worker and I met our old boss at GiGi Gelateria in the North End for a mid-day gelato. It was the perfect treat.

Check you later!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cutie Patooty says:

    LOL. Salad mobile. Like you got a trunk full of lettuce. hahaha

  2. Cutie Patooty says:

    OMG-LOL again-just realized your post title was Tuesdays With Salad.

  3. Jen says:

    UMMMMM – I didn’t get the invite for the gelato : (

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