Sinus Tuesday

Hi friends!

I hope you enjoyed my weekend recaps of  the Bachelorette-Afternoon Tea-Bridal Shower Weekend (named Bachteawer) that I attended.

Missed the recaps? Never fear:

Sadly, life isn’t full of splits of Prosecco and endless desserts. Or maybe it is? Anyway, to rebound from my indulgent weekend, I’ve been keeping the eats really clean for the past couple of days  and got in some much-needed workouts – since the most exercise I did over the weekend was lifting a wine glass to my face…..

  • Yesterday: 5.15 mile (~54 minutes): Running intervals on the dreadmill
  • Yesterday: 1.5 hour Vinyasa  Yoga class at my gym:   I know some people have beef with “gym yoga” – but my gym often has the classes in a smaller room away from the main gym, and the instructors are usually awesome.  Having not done yoga for quite a while,  save for 20-minute podcasts from – which is AWESOME, by the way, this class felt great.  I love yoga in a class setting. I really enjoy the energy of the room and having the instructors adjust me; so I know I’m in the correct form for the pose.  I love the flexibility and balance poses, as well as the strength leg poses (thanks miles of running!) but dayam does Plank, Dolphin and even Down Dog kill my weak little arms and core. But I had an instructor tell me once that  the poses you hate the most are the poses you need the most. I am so deep.
  • Today: 4.25 mile (~55 minutes): Walk/Run around the river

Rather than bore you with more copy, here’s a visual collage of my eats from the last couple of days:

How'd those get in there?

I hope you enjoyed that; I know I did.

Randomly, are you reading The Pioneer Woman blog? I kind of LOVE her.  I saw this excerpt on Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point’s blog

If you are not reading PW’s blog, you are missing out.  She is quite arguably the biggest lifestyle/recipe blogger (I once read she gets 1 million hits a DAY) and her recipes, photography, and life story are just fantastic.  The story of how she went from City Girl to Cowgirl is excellent.  Her website is a joy to read!

I couldn’t agree more!  I got sucked into Pioneer Woman’s  Love Story and have been hooked ever since. Check it out – its awesome!

In other Salad news,  I am fighting a bit of a sinus-y thing.  I’m feeling particularly nasty with sinus pressure and a heachache. Ick. I don’t know if its allergies (insert nerd voice here) – or if its a sinus infection; only coughing up a lung will tell. Please keep me in your sneeze-free thoughts.



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