Ballgames, Witches, Marines, oh my!

Good morning friends!

Last night I was lucky enough to go to the Red Sox game with some of my co-workers…..and sit in our company’s box. SO.NICE.  Not having to stand in line for the ladies’ room was the best part, I swear.

While we chatted, I had my fair share of ballpark treats:

Hot Dog Against a Ballpark Background
NE Clam Chowder with oyster crackers (the best part)
Bud Lite Lime. What up, Summer.

I nibbled my way through the hot dog and most of the chowder. I don’t like the clams or the potatoes in the chowder, I really just like the broth with 1000 oyster crackers. Weird? Yes, but I never promised this blog would make sense 🙂 I also sipped two Bud Lite Limes which were deliciously summery.  After a quick stroll around the executive floor to get into one of the lounges (but were DENIED sadly)  dessert was served.

Hello, fruit plate love.
Beauty shot.

I also had half of a RIDICULOUS blondie (I’ll take a blondie over a brownie ANY DAY – who’s with me?). There were also little ice cream sundaes; which I skipped; since I ate my weight in oyster crackers already.

As the Sox were just about done killing the Angels (11-6, no big deal :)) – my co-worker and I decided to walk home.  As we were walking past Symphony Hall; we passed a large group of people waiting by the stage door. Not one to shy away from obvious celebrity gawking, we wandered over to see who the crowd was waiting for.

They were waiting for…..


I KNOW! I was dying to see Elphaba up close! She was there for a performance with the Boston POPS. Sadly, after waiting for about 20 minutes, my little toes were frozen, so we kept heading home without catching a glimpse of her. But while I was waiting I snapped this picture of the Symphony area; and I think the light striations look like musical notes; kind of cool, right?

Just like:

(Um, maybe I had TOO many beers instead of TWO beers?)

This morning I woke to another beautiful day in Boston,. I decided to walk the long way around to work and get a coffee and enjoy some fresh air. As I was making my way through the Boston Commons, I remembered it was Marine Week in Boston. Now, how do I know it was Marine week? Not because I avidly study military events in my area, but because my mother  called to tell me yesterday. Oh yes, it gets better. This is how the call went down:


ME: Hello?

MOM: Salad?

ME: (sigh) – Yes, Mom, when I answer my cell phone, its usually me.

MOM: (ignoring sigh) – I was listening to an AM talk show (Salad Sidebar: NOTHING good can come of this statement).

ME: Ok…..

MOM: And its Marine Week in Boston! They’ll be on the Commons doing demonstrations! (Salad Sidebar: I’m not known for my fascination with all things military, so I wasn’t sure where this was going)

ME: Ok….

MOM: Well, I thought, since you know, you’re SINGLE (Salad Sidebar: Subtle, Mom) you might want to walk by there and you know…..look interested.


So Mom, this is for you.  I ended up walking by the Marine demonstrations; they had several helicopters starting to whir and take off. No chance for subtle “interested looks”  – but it was kind of cool to see these things up close (helicopters and men in uniform :))   – so for you helicopter enthusiasts (which I’m sure most of you reading a food and lifestyle blog are) – here are some pictures of the action.

I hope you enjoyed those 🙂

Anyway, I’m SO glad its finally Friday! My weekend has got alot of family stuff happening and alot of delicious FOOD stuff  happening so check in, will ya?

Since Sunday is Mother’s Day, what are you doing for the Mama (of any kind) in your life? I think mine would like a  Marine son-in-law, but I think I might just get her a plant. And you?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz says:

    I love it! Don’t waste you’re “interested” looks on Marine week, hold out for Fleet Week!

  2. Jen says:

    I’m struggling to see from your photos – but are those Marines wearing flesh-colored uniforms, or are they nude?


    1. In Laurice’s eyes – nude.

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