Down 2 Earth Expo Recap


I’m back after a whirlwind weekend of green adventures! So sit back, grab a salad to crunch and enjoy:

Friday Night: Down 2 Earth Expo

As I mentioned in my last post, a couple of friends and I went to Local Bites night at the Down 2 Earth Expo – and it was scrumptious!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking on the deliciousness:

The exhibit hall
Cod cake and pickeld radish from Legal Seafoods
Great Hill Bleu Cheese
Chedar cheese with apple chutney, Organic Valley
The sweet spread at Organic Valley

Organic Valley! I know there are quite of few fans out in blog world of this cheese – and I have to say their samples were delicious.

A cheddar cheese with an apple chutney with raisins; amazing!

The awesome guys from Mocha Joe's Coffee

These guys from Mocha Joe’s were wonderful; so smart and interested in all forms of fair coffee production.
They also had a sweet Chemex that I kind of wanted.

Honest Tea, Pomegranate White Tea
Gorgeous gorgeous Taza Chocolate
Yucca gnocci with braised lamb. Oh yes.
Cashew "cheese" kale chips from Prana Cafe
Greens from Olivia's Organics
Nashoba Brook Bakery - ridiculous.
Chipotle's big pile of avocados. Yum.
The awesome people at Chipotle

Chipotle had a beautiful booth set up with guacamole and chips; since I’m a FOOL for chips, I got quite friendly with folks behind the booth; they were great! Hi Caitlin!

Sad, empty Larabar booth

Honestly, the biggest disappointment was that both Larabar and Clif Bar had booths set up….but noone manning them or giving out samples!

I was told by the event organizers that they maybe would be there on Saturday or Sunday – but I missed them 😦

So that’s a snapshot of some of the vendors that were there. I also nibbled (but forgot to snap pictures):

  • Tofu Mini Burrito from Boloco
  • Delicious Thai Chicken Salad from Nourish Cafe
  • Beer and Wine samples (I’m sorry – but I didn’t catch their name!)
  • Braised pork belly from 62 on Wharf

All of the vendors were super generous, so knowledgeable and SO passionate about sustainable and ecological practices.

It was an awesome night!

(For a more complete list of vendors, click here)

And more importantly, let’s get onto the Swag, shall we?

It was no Expo West Swag Bag a la Snackface but I still think I did pretty good 🙂

The swag on my tiny sofa.
You're jealous. I know it.

A I ❤ Larabar bumper sticker!

All these were neatly carried home in another awesome piece of swag: a  WF lunch bag!

I also purchased one of these fun things:


ReSnackIt is a resuable, washable snack bag! I’ll be back later in the week for a full recap of this fun, new (to me)  product!

Ok angels, this post has taken me 3 years to write, so my recap of  Whole Foods Whole Body Day will have to wait until later. Hope you can stand the wait!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Cutie Patooty says:

    I have been an Organic Valley fan for years. I receive their e-newsletter Rootstock and it always has great stories about their sustainable and organic farming methods and sometimes has coupons. We used their milk exclusively when our baby was little and I found their cheeses at whole foods and fell in love. Cheaper than the $16 per oz gruyere we usually buy and just as yummy and for some reason-really hits the spot when on weight watching-they have a very low fat kind that is really good.

    1. Agreed, Organic Valley has delicious stuff! Thanks CP – great to hear from you!

  2. Jen says:

    I love my little “I heart Larabars” sticker. Reminds me of our “salad days” (isn’t that a thing?)

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