Green Weekend


SO sorry to pull a disappearing act yesterday; work became absolutely cray cray!

But I hope to make it up to you with a weekend of green adventures!

FRIDAY NIGHT: Down: 2: Earth Expo

Two girlfriends and I went to Boston’s Down: 2: Earth Expo A 3 three day expo dedicated to showing the latest green and sustainable practices in food, home and product applications. Amazing! Friday night was the “Local Bites” night.

Local Bites 2010 is sponsored by Whole Foods Market, Root: 1 and Electrolux. Local Bites brings together local sustainable chefs, food producers, green restaurants, sustainable wine and beer to celebrate Boston\’s thriving local food culture. Come after work to browse the expo, talk to all of the exhibitors and be entertained … all while sampling local bites and sipping organic wine.  (source)

Um, it was AMAZING!! I pre-ordered tickets (which were only $10) and when we arrived, we received additional tickets to return all weekend.  There are demonstrations and lectures all weekend about sustainable farming and greening your home (um, even Mayim Balick, aka Blossom is a keynote speaker about greening your life).

Back to Friday nite; as I mentioned we were there for the FOOD. Tons of local restaurants and vendors handing out delicious samples and coupons!

I hate to be a blog-tease but I’m going to have to leave you with this one shot for now because I’m heading out to today’s GREEN ADVENTURE! but I’ll be back later for a full recap of Down: 2: Earth and today’s fun (hint, hint)


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Gretchen says:

    I was there last night, too! I missed you! It was so yummy. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    1. I was thinking of you of when I was there! I knew you’d love it! I
      We’ll have to compare notes on Monday 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Hmmmm. I didn’t get invited to this food event. Is it because I was late to the recycle game? I don’t like tofu that much? I don’t buy the recycled paper towels because I like the pretty ones with flowers on them?

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