Classy Reefer

Good morning blog world! (ok, good morning Liz!) – its a GORGEOUS day in Boston! Its going to be 85 degrees; I’ll take it!

I had a super productive morning, which I love. I hit the river for a 6.65 mile run (thanks, Garmin!). I had only intended to do 5, but it was so beautiful, I just wanted to keep going. Plus with a view like this….I didn’t want to stop running.

College boy's crew team? Yes, please!

After my run, I hit up the dry cleaners, headed home, showered, got dressed and had breakfast part 1.

Yes, that's my sexy countertop

If you can’t tell…that’s 1/4c of liquid egg whites cooked in the microwave with some salt, pepper and dill. After finishing this tasty morsel, I grabbed my bag and walked to work (about a 1.20 mile from my house). On the way, I grabbed a Dunkin’ Donuts Dark Roast Iced Coffee. Scrumptious! Nice and bold….I think I have a new BFF (sorry girls). When I got to my office, I had breakfast part 2:

Greek Yogurt, Strawberries. DDIced Coffee. Background bananas.
An excellent way to start the day.

In other news….so you as you may know from my header – I live in the city and see and hear all kinds of crazy stuff, especially when I’m out before 8am….here’s two little tidbits that happened today:

– I was walking back from the dry cleaners and I fell into step behind this young guy (dressed in jeans with a backpack) smoking a cigarette. Now, normally this would not faze me at all; except that after a minute of walking, I realized he was smoking WEED. Four years of college and 2 years of living in Allston/Brighton have given me a highly attuned sense of smell for this – and I started laughing (contact high?). I mean, who’s walking down the street at 7:30am just smoking the reefer? Hilarious.
– Then as I was walking into DD to get my coffee, I dropped change into a homeless man’s cup who held the door open for me – to which he replied “thanks so much, you are such a classy lady!” – Again, I started laughing..It was very sweet of him, but you don’t usually hear the term “classy” as a descriptor for “giving change” – anyway, it made my day!

Stay with me as I figure out this whole blogging thing…not sure if I’ll be posting all my eats, every day but come back to find out!
And you if you some personal attention; please email me!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz says:

    Holla! I want some eggplant yumminess.

  2. Liz says:

    PS- When I go up the steps at Downtown Xing every morning across from the gym at say like 7am, I always smell “the reefer.” Love kids today!

  3. Jen says:

    Salad – did the cover come off the “dill” jar and spill dill all over your little eggy? I mean – that is a LOT of dill.

    I guess that’s better then you putting a lot of weed on there though.

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